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Welcome to North Kingstown Family Practice!  Our mission is to provide quality office-based health care for people of all ages.

Please note, at this time, the practice is only accepting as new patients individuals that are family members of currently enrolled patients. Sorry, at this time we are not accepting other new patients.

You may notice that our practice is set up a little differently from a typical doctor s office.  The practice design is based on Dr. Gordon Moore s concepts of an "ideal micropractice"- a low overhead (minimal staff), relatively low volume, highly efficient, highly technology-leveraged system.  Practically, what this means for you is that you will have enough time to discuss all your concerns with me each visit, (instead of the usual 5-15 minute appointment slots scheduled by a typical high overhead, high volume office model); what this means for me is renewed enjoyment in the practice of medicine. 
The office uses many new technologies to run efficiently.  Our paperless office offers on-line appointment scheduling; easy access and communication via email with me;  review of  up-to-date internet medical information sources with you during your visit as required;  and web-based health check-ups from

Here is some information that you might need to know about how the practice runs: 

The office is open daily weekdays with convenient evening hours and  alternate week Saturday morning availability.   Same-day visits as well as conventional advance-booked appointments are available.  Click here to book your appointment on-line, at any time of the day or night, or you may call and leave a message at the office to make your appointment.

Please send me your pre-visit history  by clicking here before EACH visit; or, if you do not have access to a computer at home, I may ask that you use the computer in the office prior to our visit together.  We will  review your answers during your visit and discuss any issues that were not captured by the computer questionnaires. Using this tool gives me more time to talk with you about what matters.

When the office is open, if you have an urgent medical problem that cannot wait for a routine call back (usually within 2 hours), please phone me directly at the number for urgent calls given on the machine, and I will be sure to return your call after finishing up with the patient I am currently seeing. When the office is closed, I am available 24-7 for telephone consultation and may often be available for after hours weekend and holiday visits- please use my listed cell phone number at your discretion. 

E-mail has become a useful communication tool for the practice.  Please do not use e-mail for confidential or time-sensitive matters.  Non-urgent prescription requests, non-urgent appointment scheduling and simple medical questions are good candidates for e-mail communications.  If the answer to your question is very long or complex, I will ask that you call for an appointment. 

Virtual office visits are a new mode of care that I am starting to use in the practice.  These visits do not require a face to face visit but can be conducted safely electronically via the computer.  Please click here to access my virtual visit page.

If you or a family member should become sick enough to require hospitalization, I am using both the South County Hospitalists group and the Kent Hospitalists service for inpatient adult admissions, and referring children that need to be admitted to Hasbro Childrens Hospital.  I am currently not actively admitting to the above  hospitals, although I plan on maintaining active privileges at Memorial Hospital of RI.  If you are admitted to the hospital, I will coordinate your care closely with the hospitalists and try to visit with you while you are in the hospital. 

It is important to me that the practice be able to meet your needs in an effective, efficient and pleasant manner.  As such, please do not be shy about letting us know what works and what does not; we welcome your comments and suggestions!

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